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If you are looking for something unique to use in your bathroom then you should consider purchasing a clawfoot bathtub. These are a rustic and vintage type of bathtubs that are big and look great in any home. The question is which one will you choose?

There are several types of clawfoot tubs that you can choose from. Each one has their own specific look and design to it that will make it easier to decide on one. Make sure that you pick one that works well with the theme that you have in your bathtub and what everything should be centered around.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a very popular type that many people use when they want to give their bathroom more of a classic/vintage look to it. It looks great and when you see it you cannot help – but be amazed at how perfect it looks and the way it can work in the bathroom. This is one of the more expensive types – but it is thicker and stronger – which means that it will not easily crack or chip.


This is considered to be the most affordable and therefore the most popular among consumers. The material used is similar to that of standard tubs. This makes it easy to keep clean. However, if not maintained it will not take long for mildew and rust to attach itself to it and flourish.


One of the most unique types of clawfoot bathtubs is copper. What separates this from the other types is that it does not have the traditional white color that most have. Instead it is made and therefore has the copper color. This is great for people who love the rustic look and want to have a slightly darker bathroom.

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