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The summer brings fun, vacation, a break from school, and the scorching heat that we all wish we could avoid. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid this unless you can hold yourself up in your home most of the time and turn up the thermostat. The only problem with this is that it can run up a high electrical bill that we can’t always afford to pay.

Instead of relying on just your high powered air conditioner to keep the home cool why not learn some helpful tips that will have the same effect – but for a lower price? There are many things that you can do which will make your home comfortable during the summer – but not keep your bills so high.


Most homes have a fan that is built into every bedroom of the home and the living room. Put these on high and allow them to cool of the home. These use much less energy to run and some are powerful enough to cool off a room in no time. If these don’t work then try using small box fans in whatever room you are in.

Open Windows

Why not let some fresh air into the home by opening a few windows. This will let the cool air in and allow you to breathe cleaner air. It may not be as effective as the air conditioner – but the job is not meant to freeze the home – but to make it more comfortable. When you open the windows make sure to keep the air conditioner off or it will not be able to help.

Outdoor Awnings

A great way to keep the house cool from the sun is to keep it from coming it at all parts of the house. You can use window outdoor awnings that will sit right outside the top of the window and shield the room inside from the blinding heat of the sun. They are effective at keeping the room cool during the daytime and are simple to install.

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