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In America there are hundreds of people who own farms and ranches. On these farms they plant crops of corn and wheat as well as other things. They also may raise animals like pigs, chickens, and cows. Each farm is different and many of them care for these animals before selling them off for meat or using their milk for cheese or for people who love to drink milk.

One type of farming that we do not hear about much is ostritch farming. The ostritch is a flightless bird that we have heard about and seen on National Geographic shows – but rarely are they seen. In facts many of us cannot even imagine them being farmed and sold for meat like cows and pigs.

The ostritch is considered to be a free roaming livestock that do not require much maintenance once they have reached four months old. In fact many farmers feel that they are one of the best environmentally friendly animals because they do not require as much food.

More than one hundred countries have started these farms and have worked hard to create a living from them. In the early 1990’s it was considered to be very profitable – but not long after the business died down because their was such a lack for their product. Without anyone to buy them most of the farms were forced to shut down.

However, not everything is lost. The few ostritch farms that still exist in the United States are asking the government to make things easier. They believe that is the USDA were to inspect the meat like they do with cows and pigs then the selling price could be lowered. People would be more inclined to purchase them if the price were set to a lower amount. For now all they can do is wait and hope that something is done quickly.

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