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When you go out camping there are certain supplies that you must bring with you. The most obvious things that we know to bring include; tents, sleeping bags, first aid kits, bug spray, and an assortment of food and drinks. The one thing that we never think that is very important to bring with us is the proper clothing.

We automatically assume that the things we need to wear are shorts, short sleeved shirts, and some comfortable shoes. But when you are camping you are surrounding yourself by wildlife that is not always friendly when it gets too close. You can expect to go hiking on trails or just randomly through the forest.

When you do this you might run into all sorts of small bugs that can attach on to you, snakes, spiders, and many more things. The best way that you can protect yourself from these animals is to wear clothes that are going to shield you from them and protect your skin.

When you wear shorts and flip flops you are exposing so much skin and just begging for the bugs to attach themselves to you. The best types of camping clothes that you could wear are the ones that will cover your skin and give you an extra layer of protection that could help save your life.

When hiking wear long sleeved shirts, long pants, socks, and thick boots. The long pants and boots are a must – but sometimes you can get away with wearing a short sleeved shirt so that you do not faint from the heat. The thick boots are especially helpful in case you come across a wandering snake that tries to bite it.

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