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There are dozens of different types of air purifiers that people can purchase for their homes – which makes it difficult for them to choose. People should be comparing, matching prices, and doing their homework to get their hands on something that will be able to remove allergens from the air as well as pollutants and dust.

To help make this search easier we want to provide you with a list of some of the more common types of purifiers that you can get your hands on. These specific features that the purifiers have or do not have is what will help in making your final decision.

Filtered Purifiers

The majority of air purifiers are built with special air filters. These function to remove the allergens and to trap them. There are different types of filters that some will use. One of the best ones to have is the HEPA filter because it is the safest one and rated to be one of the best ones to remove absolutely everything from the air and not just a couple of things.

The only downside to using a purifier with a filter is that you will spend quite a bit of money replacing it. Every few weeks you need to remove the clogged filter and replace it with a new one. Otherwise the purifier will not work properly and might even break.

No Filter Purifiers

Some of the newer and more advanced purifiers are being built to function without the use of air filters. The popular living air purifiers have made some models without the filters and replaced them with special metal blades. These blades function like a filter and trap all of the allergens.

Instead of replacing them every so often all you need to do is pull the blades out and wipe them down with a cloth. The whole process takes five minutes and will save you hundreds of dollars each year.

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