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When it comes to cleaning the house we want to make sure that we do it right and that we are using the products that will sanitize it and leave it looking better then before. But when there are children in the house we have to be careful what products we use and to make sure that they are not able to get their hands on them.

There are so many household cleaners that are made using harmful chemicals that are dangerous if ingested – but can also hurt someone when breathed in too much. Sometimes what we need are some cleaners that have no chemicals of any kind and can be made in the home.

Besides the fact that cleaners you buy in the store can be dangerous to both your children and your health it can also be expensive. It seems that just a normal tub cleaner can cost between four to eight dollars. Over time this can cost you a good deal of money that some of us are not able to spend. Instead of buying different cleaners for everything why not make one cleaner for everything?

There are so many ingredients that we have in our home – which can be used to clean things. We have a few tips on how to make cleaning certain areas of your home easier just by using some of the less common foods and cleaners that you would use anywhere else.

The bathtub is usually the hardest place for us to clean and is also one of the dirtiest. Using baking soda and any type of dish detergent gives you the ability to clean your bathtub and to leave it smelling and looking better than you would have thought. It also will not scratch the surface or stain it in any way.

There are other types of floor, kitchen, bedroom, and homemade tub cleaner recipes that you can find. The best place to find recipes that will work well is on the internet. They are all safe and most can be used in spray bottles to make them easier to spread over the entire area.

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