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One thing that we all enjoy about the summer is the chance to get outside and enjoy the warm beach water and to play with all of our friends. Unfortunately it is also the time when the bugs come out to play. Trying to get away from mosquitoes can be difficult without donning mosquito repellent.

But many of us are reluctant to do this due to a number of different things. The fact that they smell horrible is a big reason – but it is not the dominant one. If you read the label of some of the top mosquito repellent brands you will recognize the name of countless chemicals.

This means that every time you use these repellents you are spraying chemicals onto your skin. These chemicals should never be ingested and can also irritate your skin. As parents the last thing we want to do is spray something like this onto our kids. But allowing them to go outside without bug spray is not an option either.

Which is why we can substitute these standard bug sprays for a natural mosquito repellent. These are made with all natural ingredients that come from plants and are often more effective at keeping the bugs away.

Studies show that natural repellents are safer to use and have a less chance of irritating someone’s skin. When you use them you don’t have to worry about your child ingesting something that our bodies do not know how to process. Also these repellents are safer for the environment.

The chemicals used in normal repellents are considered to have damaging effects on the environment and the plant life. Studies show that they can also kill off certain fish species when they come into contact to them. I think it is time that we looked at the big picture and bought a repellent that was safer for our children and for us.

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