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Having bugs in our home is something that none of us like and will tolerate. This is especially true when we have children in the house. Bugs can get into different parts of our home including our pantries and the areas where we sleep.

The only way that we are going to prevent bugs from coming into our home and making a home there we need to take some serious steps. There are many things that we can do which will take care of the problem and keep us from becoming sick and trying to kill these pest every day.


We can call an exterminator that will come to our home and spray the house inside and out. The pesticides they use are safe even if there are children around and they can do a great job of killing many of the more annoying bugs including cockroaches. However, they can do nothing about spiders or scorpions because of the hard exoskeleton that they have.

Laying Traps

If calling an exterminator is too expensive then you can always take the job upon yourself. There are sprays and specific traps that you can use – which will lure in the bugs. Once they have stepped in the substance or eaten it they will die off quickly. But before they die they will spread it to the other bugs so that they will die also.

Cleaning House

Sometimes the best way to keep the bugs away is to actually keep your house clean. This means you need to put away and seal all of your food and clean up the kitchen every night. Even the smallest crumbs on the counter will attract the bugs.

Invisible Barriers

More and more people are avoiding using pesticides for the use of an invisible barrier known as sonic pest control. This is a special device that uses a high frequency noise – which it emits. This noise is something that only the bugs can hear and will help to keep them far away from your home.

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