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Venetian blinds are a perfect alternative for people who love blinds – but are tired of the standard mini blinds that seem to be in almost every home that you visit. These are considerably more durable, stronger, and easier to clean – which is why so many of us are trying to get our hands on them.

But before we can buy them we first have to choose a style and color that will work well in our home. There are three main types of Venetian blinds that include; bamboo, aluminum, and wooden. Each are different in their own way and come available in different colors.


The bamboo styled blinds are the most unusual of them all and were designed based upon the Japanese style blinds. These are also considered to be one of the more elegant types of Venetian blinds that help to create a better look for your home that mini blinds are not able to. Because of the material that is made to use them you know that they are durable then most other kinds.


These types of blinds are also very exquisite and more unusual then those of the bamboo type. The fact that they are so durable and easy to clean makes them slightly more pricey. However, they will help to liven up any room or even office that you will use them in. They also provide you with privacy during the night time hours.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

One of the most common out of them all are the wooden Venetian blinds. These are also the strongest. They are built with a simple design that makes them great to use in any home or office. While they may not be as elegant they are affordable and the easiest to clean.

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