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For most ear wax removal is an important part of personal hygiene. I can’t think of to many people out there that would like to see your ear wax. It can really be a turn off for anyone sitting next to you.

Other than personal hygiene there are other reasons you might want to keep your ear wax in check. For instance those who have had problems with tinnitus also known as ringing of the ears and constant ear aches – also take daily precautions to keep ear wax in check.

But before I give you the wrong idea – ear wax is not a substance for you to spend your mornings and nights trying to figure out how to get rid of. On the contrary – ear wax is an important part of ears.

Ear wax is there to help clean and lubricate the ear while also helping to prevent mold and fungus infections. More importantly your body has its own way of keeping ear wax in control.

But some times we just need to remove ear wax. And many of us have turned to using ear wax removal candles. Ear candles are a popular health item that you can find online or at almost any health retail store. These candles are normally made of cotton or linen and are harden by being soaked in wax (not ear wax) and are funnel shaped.

There are many reports saying that ear wax candles do not work for removing wax from the ear and in others words are useless. Even though there are no reports to support that they work. The customer reviews are outstanding.

Many families have used them for generations and on an often basis on all member and have been very happy with their results. So – the best way for you to know if ear wax removal candles work is to try them for yourself. But careful some reports do warn against side effects of using candles.

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