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If you are an avid user of shaving cream because it is simple, easy to use, seems cheaper, and quick in the morning. You might want to step back and take a closer look at the shaving brush. It seems like the best plan for the average person is to jump out of bed in the morning just moments before you have to be out the door. Throw some cream on your face and hit it with the blade real quick and get to work. Most of us are so good at this routine we’ve mastered it and why should we change.

There are many reason why you should change to using a shaving brush to make a good lather for your shave as opposed to just using shaving cream. A good shaving brush used with a good soap and mug is a simply process, easy to use, cheaper over time, and the time it takes to lather your face doesn’t take much longer to use than using cream.

When using a shaving brush to make a good lather and using a good lathering technique to apply it. Will cause the lather to protect you skin from the blade better than cream and allow the blade to move across the skin better than cream to help you get the best shave possible. A good soap and lather will moisten, clean, exfoliate, and soften the bread better then shaving cream. With proper use of a good shaving brush and soap will help reduce the need for the use of other shaving products like aftershave, moisturizes, and balms.

When it comes to choosing a good shaving brush badger hair bristles brushes are preferred. Other than badger hair there are many other types of brushes for you to choose from. That are either made from natural animal hairs like- badger, boar, or horse and synthetic bristles. Natural animal hairs are better because they hold water and soap better than synthetic bristles. Which is important part of the lathering process.

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