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Genital warts is a skin condition that is caused by the human papilloma virus. This is only one type of warts that people can suffer from – but it is considered to be one of the worst because of the area that it affects. People who do not treat them will allow the infection to spread and become worse.

When the infection spreads it can become painful and uncomfortable for people. It can also increase a person’s risk for cervical cancer – which is also a link in the human papilloma virus. Those who do not treat it or practice safe sex or personal hygiene will give it to other people.

There are different types of treatments that can be used effectively. If these treatments do not work and the infection becomes serious then the only way to remove them may be through surgery. The best thing you could do is to speak with your doctor concerning what is best to use.

Aldara is a type of cream that helps to increase your immune system to allow it to fight back against the warts. It is one of the more expensive treatments that you could use – but it may not be able to work for everyone. For some people it may be painful to use and can irritate the skin.

Condylox is a wart treatment that most doctors will usually try to prescribe to you first because it is able to destroy the warts. Usually your doctor will apply it to them for the first time and then will give you the instructions on how to keep applying it yourself. It is possible that this will irritate the skin and can be painful because it burns the warts off. It is best to talk with your doctor thoroughly to understand any risks involved no matter what treatment you use.

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