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The older we get the better education we receive – which leads to a great job. This great job is what provides us with the money that allows us to provide for our families. It is also the way we are able to spoil not only them but also ourselves. One of the best types of toys that we want and also need are cars.

There are so many cars to choose from that it can make it hard for us to decide on just one. To help narrow down the list we have selected a few of the top name cars that will fit the ride you want and the personality that you have.

Rough Riders

If you are someone who loves the outdoors and who is constantly camping, hunting, fishing, or even just hiking through the trails then you need something that can handle it all. One of the best things that you could get is the Limited Edition Jeep Liberty. This is built tough and is now larger then the average model. This leaves more room for the whole family and any gear that you might need to take with you.

Family Oriented

In order to have a big family you need a vehicle that is large enough to hold them – but that isn’t all. You also need something that will keep them entertained during those long road trips. The Dodge Grand Caravan can seat up to eight people, swivel seats, two sliding doors, and a place to put a DVD player for each kid to watch their favorite movies.

Luxurious Consumers

Sometimes we want a car that is comfortable on the inside and allows us to relish in it without having to worry about the traffic outside. At the same time we want something that will have the power we crave without spending a large amount of money. People like this need the Ford Mustang. This is a classic American vehicle that is powerful, luxurious, and affordable. It even gets decent gas mileage when compared to most other sport cars.

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